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It’s common to complain about having to shave every two days.

So, it’s a good opportunity to ask yourself the right questions. 

Have you ever taken the time to wonder how much time and money your daily or monthly hair removal routine really costs you?

Femme en train de s'épiler les jambes avec un rasoir


Disposable razors might seem cheap, but the costs add up in the long run. By using 2 new razors per week, you will spend around €5,464 over 37 years. Adding the cost of shaving cream, products for cuts and irritations, the total reaches €7,740. Imagine, from your adolescence to age 50, you shave approximately 3 to 4 times a week, spending 20 minutes each time. That’s 6,735 shaves and 2,283 hours of your life devoted to something you really don’t need. If that doesn’t convince you to try laser hair removal, let’s talk about the cost.



What about waxing? You only have to go once a month, and you’re practically hair-free for the whole month, right? Let’s delve a little deeper into waxing. Let’s say you want to get your legs and underarms waxed every month for a span of 37 years. The average cost of waxing for these areas is about €65 per month. Over a 37-year period, you would have spent €28,860 and 444 hours of your life just on waxing! To make matters worse, waxing is painful and damages your skin. 

Laser Hair Removal


At EpilSoft, we take pride in offering transparent pricing with no contracts or hidden fees. The cost for 6 treatments of full legs is €1,500, full bikini is €510, and underarms is €240. We use 6 sessions for full legs, full bikini, and underarms as a reference since the standard number of sessions in the industry for effective laser hair removal is 6 to 8 sessions (the actual number of sessions needed varies significantly from person to person based on individual physiology).
In the long run, laser hair removal proves to be more economical both in time and money.

Women who opt for laser hair removal spend an average of €2,250 over their entire lifetime. The ultimate advantage of this technique lies primarily in the time saved, as they only dedicate 12 hours of their life. Compared to 2,283 hours spent shaving or 444 hours for waxing, the choice is clear… 

Laser hair removal for men: the definitive solution for hair removal

Hair removal is no longer exclusive to women; in recent years, men have also been taking care of their grooming. In aesthetic medicine, laser hair removal for men offers a solution to eliminate unwanted hair. This method is suitable for all skin types and treats hair on various parts of the body for men. The results achieved are long-lasting and nearly permanent.

Chest, back, beard – all parts of the body are suitable for laser hair removal. Even better than traditional methods like IPL, laser hair removal is the superior choice to bid farewell to your razor and trimmer!

Faster and safer, our medical lasers adapt to all men with the same efficiency for a painless hair removal experience.

From the procedure itself to pricing for laser hair removal for men, and scheduling appointments, we provide our best advice before you embark on this experience. 

Is laser hair removal really permanent?

Only a small percentage of hairs are in the growth phase at any given time. It’s precisely during this phase that the laser targets and destroys the hairs. This means that several sessions will be required before all the hairs are completely eliminated.

It’s important to note that the standard number of sessions in the industry for effective laser hair removal is 6 to 8 sessions, though the actual number of sessions needed varies significantly from person to person based on individual physiology. It’s recommended to schedule an initial consultation. At EpilSoft, this consultation is completely free and necessary to ensure the proper course of treatment.

During this initial appointment, we provide all the necessary information prior to laser treatment and create a personalized protocol based on the areas to be treated. 

With EpilSoft, you can have soft, smooth, and hair-free skin!


We offer you a first consultation and a free test in order to establish your protocol and provide you with a personalized quote, tailored to your skin’s phototype. This consultation is offered without any obligation on your part. 

Profitez de notre offre spéciale de première consultation et de test gratuits.
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