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First consultation + FREE underarms session + Facial massage


The Alexandrite laser

The Candela Alexandrite laser is a type of laser used in aesthetic medicine and dermatology. It gets its name from the active material used in the laser, which is the alexandrite crystal.

The Candela Alexandrite laser works by emitting light at a specific wavelength of 755 nanometers (nm). This wavelength is in the near-infrared spectrum and is very well absorbed by the melanin present in the skin.

When the Alexandrite laser is applied to the skin, the emitted light is selectively absorbed by melanin pigments present in targeted tissues, such as unwanted hair or pigmented lesions.

In the case of laser hair removal treatment, for instance, the Alexandrite laser specifically targets the melanin present in hair follicles. When the light is absorbed by melanin, it is converted into heat, selectively damaging the cells responsible for hair growth. This inhibits future hair regrowth and allows for permanent reduction of hair.

For pigmented lesions such as sunspots or freckles, the Alexandrite laser targets the melanin present in these lesions. The laser’s energy is absorbed by the melanin, causing fragmentation of the pigments. These smaller particles are then naturally eliminated by the body’s lymphatic system, reducing the appearance of pigmented spots.

The Candela Alexandrite laser is typically used by qualified healthcare and beauty professionals, such as dermatologists, doctors, and trained and qualified laser aestheticians, as improper laser use can lead to undesirable effects or complications. Moreover, the Alexandrite laser can be used on a range of skin types, although there might be variations based on individual sensitivity and the skin’s ability to absorb laser light. 

Les techniques d’épilation

First of all, allow me to present the different hair removal techniques available to you.

Take a look at this article that explores the advantages and disadvantages of each hair removal technique. You will quickly discover all the benefits of laser in your daily life!

Les lasers

Next, let’s focus on the different techniques and how laser works.

Caution and Information:

Before undergoing laser treatment, make sure to educate yourself about the type of laser being used. There are many different lasers, and they are not all equivalent. Some may not be suitable for all hair and/or skin colors. Others may be ineffective in the long term or even pose dangers to your health.

Caution and obtaining appropriate information are crucial!

And at EpilSoft?


At EpilSoft, we use Candela Alexandrite and Candela Nd-YAG laser machines.

Candela is a global leader in the field of aesthetic lasers. Therefore, we have chosen advanced technology that is both effective and safe for health.

The laser we use is Class 4. It is a professionally controlled equipment, limited to a strict framework. All our laser practitioners are experts in their field. We exclusively perform laser hair removal.

How does the Alexandrite laser work?

This laser is extremely powerful and highly selective. Its beam of light captures and absorbs melanin, the pigment of the hair. It transforms into heat and destroys the hair bulb at its source.

This beam is extremely precise and does not penetrate beyond the dermis, thus preserving the skin and surrounding tissues. Its wavelength is non-carcinogenic, ensuring treatment under maximum safety conditions.

Here is a short explanatory video to better understand its operation.

At EpilSoft, we combine the Alexandrite laser with a cooling system that provides an anesthetic effect to the treated area, offering you maximum comfort during your treatment sessions. 

Key takeaways:

The Alexandrite laser is:

Recommended for women and men looking to enhance their daily comfort.
Recommended for safe facial and body hair removal.
Recommended for treating ingrown hairs and soothing associated inflammation.
Recommended for achieving smooth and soft skin.
Recommended for light to intermediate skin phototypes.
It’s important to note that the Alexandrite laser is not recommended for:

Dark skin tones.
White and red hairs, as well as fine vellus hairs.
Very young individuals. It’s preferable to wait for a certain hormonal balance before starting treatment (otherwise, it’s more of a comfort-based treatment).
At EpilSoft, we never push for excessive consumption!

That’s why the first consultation is always free. It allows us to explain to all our patients what they need to know before starting a treatment protocol and to determine if the proposed treatment is compatible with their skin and hair type.

If you’re convinced and want to put an end to unwanted hair, we invite you to make an appointment at our permanent laser hair removal center, EpilSoft. You can also contact us by phone at 0470/581467 or 0476857474 to schedule an appointment.

Welcome to the world without hair!

With EpilSoft, you can have soft, smooth, and hair-free skin! 


We offer you a first consultation and a free test in order to establish your protocol and provide you with a personalized quote, tailored to your skin’s phototype. This consultation is offered without any obligation on your part. 

Profitez de notre offre spéciale de première consultation et de test gratuits.
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